Saturday, 28 January 2017

Social Connections

Of all things in life, one's chums are among the most important. Perhaps even more important that one's family relations, in which one has no choice or recourse. Friends, on the other hand, because they are for the most part voluntary are, all things considered by far a more reliable and accurate social barmeter and criteria by which to judges an individuals principles, character and general scruples than one's family history. Complicating matters, as of late, has been the shift in general definition and understaing of what the word “friend” exactly means. At one point iu the history of the human race, “friend” meant an individual with whom one enjoyed spending their time, more often than not by means of common interest. With the rise of digital modes of socializing and corrosponence such as Facebook, email and instant messaging technology that the paradigm began to shift. Whilst not a change the definition of the word per se, such shifts consititute a widening of whom is condisered a chum. An understood facet of of freidnship of old was that a chumrate was and individual one knew and commiserted on a regular basis in person. Whilst more often than not initially used to keep in touch with persons with whom one is already aquainted, incresing numbers of citizens have come to count those with whom they ahre intrested and spend a great deal of time exlcuesively in the digital realm as their friends. The question then must be askewd as to whether the in person aspect tratidionally associated with frienship, is essental to the equasion. Or, conversely, if what truly matters in defining a friendship is interacting on a basis of amiable commonality, no matter what form said interaction may take. Taking into account to commonly held definition of friendship still used, reason, not to meantion wisdom, would indicate toward the latter case.

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