Monday, 13 February 2017

How One Plays the Game

It is a basic truth oft observed that there are few traits more noble in human activity than that of sporting spirit. Rare is the man who can honestly claim not to have a quickening of the blood whilst witness to a feat of gaming prowess. Whilst such pronouncements may be easily and popularly made with regard to what might best be thought of as 'practical' gaming pursuits, a similar advocation could also be presented in the case of digitized entertainment forms, many of which have been able to incorporate more practical involvement in their participation.

Digitized interactive pastimes, or 'video-games' to use the common parlance, have been the unwitting targets of ire from all ends of the socio-political sphere. With the apparent ability to to give umbrage to all and sundry, detractors of the medium count among their number Christians of dogmatic and distinctly Conservative disposition and Women's Right Advocates of pronounced Leftist views. Whist in the course of the day-to-day said groups have had a tendency to get along with the approximate ease and harmony of Loyalists and Fenians, the calamitous folly of the use of 'video-games' by the general populace has been a point upon which they have historically agreed. Much as how up until the later portion of the 1990s, these otherwise acrimonious tribes were in curious accord with regard to the damaging and horrid effects of of 'comic books'. Not a shred of corroborating evidence being needed or, in fact, sought, so resolute were they in their convictions

How interesting it is then to note that all such objection ceased and politically driven actions such as the United States Senate Sub-Committee hearing which propagated the implementation of the Comics Code Authority and the trial which lead a young chap by the name of Mike Diana to literally be convicted of drawing, essentially disappeared at the beginning of the 21st century. Which incidentally coincided with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund making great strides in terms of legal recourse for creators and the San Diego Comic Book Convention - currently abbreviated to 'ComicCon' - becoming one of the premier events of Western Culture. A fascinating coincidence to be sure.

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