Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A New Dawn

It was once common to say, of the great yet gone Empire, that the sun would never set upon it. Alas, it was also quite a popular sentiment at the time that the Titanic could not be sunk and the investment banking system was 'too big to fail'. All of them, eventually learning, though far too late, the fatal lesson of Goliath. So it has been for the recorded music industry. Both in the form of those producing the records for sale, fame and posterity but also those in the business of vending such results, such cultural artifacts, to the general public. In the latest blow to what some may want to call 'progress' and yet another indication of the long-in-coming return to the practical and real, the aged and mighty chain of cultural vendors known as HMV have fallen to the sword of 'market-forces', only to be succeeded by Sunrise. A chain of shopping boutiques originating in the capital of Upper Canada, otherwise known as 'Toronto', specializing in music as found on long-play vinyl records as well as traditional board games. They have swept up the demolished ashes of the once-great behemoth, replacing 70 locations across Canada. A sweep and trend, one can only hope continues, reintroducing some semblance of centrality and priority to what has swiftly become an increasingly decentralized and accelerated culture. All hail the return of browsing!

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