Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Gaps In the Defences

To fret with regard to the safety of one’s offspring is only proper. Particularly in this modern age with all the potential risks and discombobulating new avenues of communications made possible by the Internet. It is also quite understandable that sundry mummas and pappas are wishing to, in one manner or another, monitor their little darling’s activities in the electronic sphere. Myriad applications and other forms of programming have arisen to meet the call. First it was made possible to track one’s children by using the location services on their mobile telephone. Then to monitor that which they viewed upon it. One clever clogs has even devised a way in which parents can install an application onto their own devices which will not only monitor activity on that of their children but also allow them to discontinue, remotely mind you, any further use of an application or web location the child may have visited that the parents, in their far superior wisdom, find objectionable. Which is certainly fair enough. There is no telling what harm to which youngsters might come, haplessly stumbling across a photographic
representation of peers imbibing libations or, heaven forfend, a only partially clad female leg (please do excuse my language).

Honourable as such attempts may be, there is also an inbuilt weakness, an Achilles Heel if you will, to all such attempts at electronic monitoring and control, useful tools for the protection of propriety that they may be and 

this is the inordinate, and blasted cheeky, amount of experience and cunning acumen so 
many of today’s sprogs possess in terms of digital communication devices. There were, and continue to be, youngsters starting up their own technology enterprises, as well as foiling the sophisticated security systems set up by those of superior, adult intelligence and wisdom. Preposterous as it my seem, it is perfectly possible that any one of the youth of today would be capable of not only detecting but also thwarting such attempts at monitoring them, even if it is for their own dashed good. Or, if they do not, they will more than likely have a school chum possessed of such dastardly knowledge. Thereby turning a honest, heartfelt attempt to protect them from the world into a near farcical exercise in futility.

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