Saturday, 10 February 2018

Tabula Rasa

It is an unfortunate truth inherent of the human condition that we all have memories of which we would sooner be rid. Alas, the notion of ‘repressed memory’ remains tenuous in the most charitable terms and is in no way certain to alleviate the furthering torment of a tumultuous history. It is dashed difficult to entirely excise negative recollections once they are manifest. Yet, such obstacles have yet to deter the nature-tamperers and the white lab-coat brigade have developed a method of obliterating less than savoury memories. All that it requires is a small portion of intentional brain damage. 

According to researchers, there has been located a set of neurons, in mice that is, that are attributed to the creation of fear. These self-same neurons being the thing that create negative memories and makes them just that extra bit unpalatable. With the destruction of the receptors responsible for fear, it is also possible to bring bad memories to a permanent end. When applied to a different set of neurons, the same procedure can be used to cure one of a dependence on narcotics. 

However, as Mary Curie discovered, even honourable endeavours can have unforeseen consequences. Some of those pertinent within the notion of memory erasure, particularly the case of fear receptors, are personality change, even the smallest alteration in neurological make up posing the risk of major changes in personality, and the high risk of psychosis. Alteration to the fear receptors, never mind the removal of such, poses an unconscionable risk of negating the fear response as a natural defence mechanism. A sure way in which to land oneself in a nasty spot of bother. As evidenced by the case of the supporters of the Burnley football club. A diminutive association of dedicated hooligans that routinely engaged in fisticuffs with far more populous groups, oft being out numbered by three men to one, with no apparent fear. A tendency which earned them the monicker ‘The Suicide Squad’. 

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