Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Apples and Oranges

There have been some truly ludicrous claims made in terms of the potential of new technology. Much of it having to do with the next stage in evolution for the human species, bionic eyes, bio-reading and the like. Though the ‘audio-book’ distributor audible have gone too far. In a recent advert for their tawdry services, a stooge of the advertising company running the glorified lie stated that ‘listening is the new reading.’ Let that sit for a moment because I had to, just to untangle all the various ways in which it was incorrect. Primary among these being that even if one did strongly prefer one over the other, any sort of quantifiable superiority is impossible, the acts of reading and listening being based on entirely different senses. Ergo, they are entire incomparable and to imply that they are, let alone are in some sort of competition demonstrates a woeful ignorance and/or reckless disregard for the very essentials of human sensory biology.  

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